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Below are the services that I offer.  Clients are responsible to use the tools provided in order to make positive, lasting changes.  
While there is no guarantee that a particular form of therapy will be effective and some people may not respond well to treatment, I strive to use useful methods and work together with clients to achieve a positive outcome.

I use a positive, affirming approach that is gentle, straight-forward, and which honors clients' freedom to choose how and when they will make changes in their lives.   I provide education, communication skills-building, cognitive behavioral methods and other tools to eliminate irrational beliefs, transform negative thinking, and improve overall functioning.  These tools effectively improve clients’ ability to self-care and live their lives fully, with joy and purpose.


Hypnosis is a process by which the therapist gently guides the client though a series of visualizations and positive suggestions to achieve a goal, while the client is in a relaxed state.  It can be very effective whether done in person, or over the phone.  Hypnosis is useful for identifying and enhancing strengths, skills and abilities, as well as achieving goals in one's career, relationships, or personal life.  It is useful for smoking cessation, weight loss, anxiety reduction and breaking unhealthy habits.  Clients continue to reinforce the work done in the hypnosis session by listening to the hypnotic session at home.


Sandtray is a unique, gentle, non-verbal approach to therapy, in which clients work through issues by placing small objects in a sand-filled tray to create scenes.  Utilizing universal symbolism, individuals delve into the subconscious and transform deep-seated issues.  This work is done in conjunction with traditional talk therapy and promotes a peaceful resolution to many internal and deep issues that clients may wish to address.   Clients find this process fun and non-threatening.
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